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TeleController : A Pump Controller with Telemetry

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TeleController: Pump Controller with Built-in Telemetry

           TDL has developed Simplex and Duplex TeleControllers with built-in telemetry units which provide a low cost SCADA solution. These TeleControllers are ideal for applications such as Grinder Pump Stations, Low Pressure Sewer systems, Onsite Waste water Treatment systems etc. Traditional SCADA systems (used for the large wastewater treatment plants or large lift stations) are just too expensive for many applications. TeleControllers are fully solid-state with integrated pump control and telemetry functions built in to a single compact unit. Yet, with all these great features, TeleControllers are very affordable!


Remote monitoring of sites from your office using TeleControllers and Free CCS Software!


If you are responsible for the operation and maintenance (O & M) of pump stations,  or remote monitoring of unmanned site, you always want to know how each system is performing. No matter how many systems you are responsible for or how far away these systems are located, the TeleController allows you to supervise these systems round-the-clock.


Duplex TeleController not only controls the operation of two pumps based on the water level or timer setting, but it also monitors various parameters such as pump current, line voltage, seal leak, pump run time, water level, etc. TeleController provides automatic notification to your office on a specific date and time or as soon as an alarm condition is detected. TeleController shares an existing telephone line ( residence or commercial buildings)  and therefore there is no extra monthly cost for remotely monitoring your system. Timers of a remote TeleController can be set from your office. This saves you unnecessary trips to various sites.

TDL provides CCS software for your PC free! It is the communication and database software that allows you to remotely monitor your systems using an ordinary telephone line. This simple and reliable mode of communication not only eliminates third party service providers and unnecessary monthly fees, but you also get proprietary data from your systems sent directly to your office.


Grinder Pump Station using TeleController                               Schematic Circuit Diagram

TeleController operates the pump based on level or time interval and any alarm condition is reported along with the systemís operational data!


                                   TeleController installation is simple..just plug and play..













Centralized management of the onsite decentralized systems is made possible by using TeleController, which not only controls the operation of the pumps but also communicates with the central office using an existing telephone line on the site... No Monthly Monitoring Fee!  

TeleControllers can be custom configured for controlling various types of onsite wastewater treatment systems such as re-circulating sand filter, Biofilter, SBR etc.



Pump Monitor and Control: Simplex and Duplex TeleControllers

Pump rating Up to 2 HP
Power 115 V or 230 V AC, single phase
Control Relay Solid-state switch (40 Amp) with zero voltage-crossing detectors
Pump Current Monitor Non-intrusive current sensor. Motor current monitored during pump activation. Pump high current alarm notification optional
Line Voltage Monitor Line voltage monitored during test. High or low line voltage notification is optional
Seal Leak Monitor Optional monitoring of external seal leak detection relay contacts and notification
Pump parameters monitored Pump Run Time

Pump Activation Count

Long Pump Run Time ( alarm activated)

Level monitoring Float switch on/off/high water alarm condition/redundant off. Optional Level Monitoring Sensors: Ultrasonic, Pressure transducer or capacitive level sensors.
RS232 Interface / Hand held Terminal


Hand held terminal ( sold separately) or Laptop
Speed 9600 baud, 8 Data bits, 1 Stop bit, No parity
Access Password protected
Functions Test Mode:
 Pump operation
Current, Voltage and Level monitoring
Modem Communication

Parameters Programmed and / or Displayed:

CCS Telephone number
Pager Number
High and (optional) low levels settings
Date and time
Controller ID
Scheduled report date and time
Optional Over current limit
Telemetry / Remote Communication of TeleController
Data Communication Built-in Modem, 2400 Baud
Call Initiation Call is initiated on a scheduled date and time; and also when an alarm condition occurs
Parameters Reported to CCS
TeleController ID
Alarm Condition Code
Date and time of alarm report
Total Pump Run Time
Total Pump Activation Count
Power Start Date and Time
Alarm Conditions
High water level
Low water level
Pump overrun
Optional: High current draw and Seal leak detection
Parameters Remotely Programmed TeleController at the site receives from the PC in the office the following data:
Next Report Date and Time
New Timer Setting
Optional: New High or Low Alarm Levels
Alternative Reporting If CCS does not respond, technician's pager number is dialed and a numeric message is transmitted.
Central Computer Software ( CCS)
Platform Microsoft Windows
Communication Supports up to 4 modems, receives calls from remote TeleControllers and performs data exchange at 2400 baud rate
Data Reception CCS receives controller's ID, system related data and updates the database
Data Transmission Commands are issued to the calling TeleController to receive new program parameters such as date and time for the next call, new timer settings, or optional new high level alarm
Data Viewing Easy to understand user interface for the viewing of the customer information and all the previously reported system related data, in a tabular form.
Auto Scheduling All the TeleControllers on the remote sites are assigned a report date and time automatically to make sure they do not report to the CCS at the same time
Reporting Worksheet is printed for the technician. It includes the address, details of the alarm condition and the diagnostic instructions. Report is also printed for the TeleControllers that failed to call in on a scheduled date and time
Mechanical Specifications
Mechanical Dimensions of TeleController Module 7" X 9" X 3"
Module Casing Extruded Aluminum
Enclosure / Mounting NEMA enclosure


Onsite Wastewater Treatment using TeleController


TeleController can control the entire operation of a Sand filter or a Bio-filter type onsite wastewater treatment system while providing Remote Monitoring capability.